Photo Guidelines

At the POP UP GIRLS we love seeing you get creative behind the camera. We also know that shoppers get inspired when they come across playful imagery that communicates makes your brand’s aesthetic. 

It’s completely up to you where to shoot your products, whether it be in the great outdoors or in your mini bedroom studio. However, there’s a couple of essential things you need to know to make your products own the limelight. 

The Dos 

  1. Do make sure to shoot your products against a plain backdrop (the easiest is white). Prints and patterns can be distracting.
  2. Do use colour backdrops! It’s no secret that we love colour at THEPOPUP GIRLS, but make sure each product listed on your online boutique is shot using the same backdrop for consistency. It’ll help to make your shopfront feel coordinated and professional.
  3. Do shoot your pieces in natural light–it will reflect their true colour and craft.
  4. Do mix up your shots– we love to see listings that showcase products in multiple situations, such as on a model and in a standalone setting. It’s proven that products presented in a variety of forms are much more likely to sell.
  5. Do grab a friend and have fun with your shoots– Next Top Model here you come!
  6. Do use your images as an opportunity to let your brand’s unique personality shine through!

The Don’ts 

  1. Don’t shoot your clothing on mannequins – we want to see real-life girls and boys wearing your pieces! Please note this doesn’t apply to accessories.
  2. Don’t use stark lighting. If you’re working with artificial lighting, try to avoid glare. There’s no need to rush – the sun will come out tomorrow!
  3. Don’t upload images taken in low light. Any photos with low light will need to be re-taken or edited.

HOT TIP: You can add multiple images to your listing in a carousel format, these can include behind the scenes, packaging, your products on a model or in a setting - this will give your shop more personality and get you sales!