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Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
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I wanted to create a brand that encapsulated historical shilouettes yet made them wearable for the everyday. My corsets are each inspired by different women from around the world. I wanted to create a brand that represents different people and different stories from different women from around the world of whom I find inspiring. I feel very strongly about keeping the price point down so they can be accessed by many and not few so I have come up with fair pricing so I can get the best quality fabrics and accessories. I also believe in catering for many sizing but as a small brand this is something I am currently working on. Our limited edition collections are created from deadstock fabrics of which are at the end of production. I feel very strongly about not adding to the waste that the fashion industry already produces. I have a selection of corsets made from fabrics from the Chanel manufacturer and they are truly special. Umore corsets have been designed to fit perfectly as an addition into your wardrobe, they are meant to enhance and intertwine with clothes you already have. My corsets are all designed, pattern cut and handmade entirely by myself from home.


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