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Specialising in handmade, own design clothing The Queen Camel creates one off and small batch items using deadstock fabrics and remnants to bring you pieces you’ve never seen before and will never see again. We gather the most interesting fabrics we can find and then work very closely with two carefully selected seamstresses in Bangkok who we know and trust to create an ethical range of big, bold and beautiful pieces that are an amalgamation of our separate imaginings. We began as school friends and were always creative but for some reason we created separately, then a few years ago we decided to come together to form a collective; which over time evolved into this. We found we would constantly bounce ideas off each other until one day we thought, why aren’t we doing this together? So we did; and The Queen Camel was born! Here we have combined our designs to create one big colourful, sustainable super range of comfortable, affordable, show stopping clothes. Everyone’s in it together and In keeping with this ethos, every part of the making process has sustainability in mind. It’s so important to do your bit for the environment wherever possible so we try our bests to keep our consciences and our natural wold clean! This means fair wages, it means safe working conditions, it means we spend three tantalising months shipping our finished items home via ocean freight because it has a very low carbon footprint and is by far the most eco friendly method of transport! We’re in no rush and no corners are cut; we are very much a slow fashion brand and the quality and longevity of our clothing is very important to us. We are excited about the future of The Queen Camel and hope to provide our customers with comfort, coordination and confidence! We love what we do and we hope you do too!


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