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At the heart of Sustain Sportswear is a desire to show that it's cool to care about the Planet. The ultimate goal with launching the brand was to motivate positive changes in behaviour; instead of going to larger (and less Planet-friendly) sportswear brands, these consumers would come to Sustain for their fix of graphic tees, totes and hoodies that fit within their sportswear aesthetic, but didn't negatively impact the Earth via polluting production methods, microplastic run-off, or chemical waste.  Ultimately, whether you buy a tee or just choose to cycle into work that day, if you see the clothes and do something positive for the Planet as a result, then we'll be happy :) Sustain Sportswear garments are 100% organic cotton, meaning no chemicals used in the production process, sustainable farming methods that don't damage ecosystems, and rules and regulations that mean workers earn a real living wage. The bold designs are inspired by Planet Earth, in everything from organic matter and forest folklore, to ancient Mythology, pagan symbolism, and medieval woodcuts. Some of the designs also have a darker thread running through them, which is meant to hint at the seriousness of the climate emergency. Our hope is to encourage real conversations about sustainability issues, with a message of doing your best, rather than doing the most. Finally, we are committed to donating 5% of our profits back to the communities where we source our organic cotton, ensuring garment workers and their families get the support they need to put their children through school.


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