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Karnataka, India
Pop Up Girl since 24 September 2021

Studio Naach is a sustainable textile jewellery brand working on utilising all the texile waste we see around us while helping a tribal community revive their craft. We want to make handcrafted luxury accessible to everyone who admires the effort while making the products fun, statement and bold. All our products are hand embroidered and handstitched


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

Hello I am Meenal

I come from this beautiful country diverse in culture and crafts called India.

I have been in love with textiles, handlooms, and local crafts for as long as I remember and rightfully so I chose this path for my life. I work with local craft communities in India that are on the verge of losing their crafts. We have been working together for 2 years now to bring you all this gorgeous and statement hand embroidered jewelry. 

I love nature and everything to do with sunsets, I am a huge fan of historical buildings and the foliage that surrounds them. I love traveling and I love bringing back all the culture I witness into my work.

I work with textiles majorly and am always experimenting with different crafts that are present all around.

I am a huge upcycling enthusiast and that is one of the reasons why all our jewelry is made using fabric that is discarded by factories. It's a tiny step from my brand to help save the world one scrap and one craft at a time.


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