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Sorrell Jewels is a female and disabled owned brand. Selling Sterling Silver Jewellery, specialising in rings and other vintage and preloved treasures. I started Sorrell Jewels based on my obsession withrings which I have collected since my early teens. However I decided I wanted to share my love and start helping others find gorgeous pieces of jewellery at reasonable prices, enter Sorrell Jewels. Now I source and select my own range of amazing second hand and vintage rings to share the love with all my customers! I was fed up of hearing my friends complaining about their jewellery turning their fingers green and not being able to find larger rings. There is a need for quality, vintage and affordable rings for everyone. Each month I curate a themed ring box. This is a gorgeous selection of 40 to 50 stunning preloved rings based around a style or specific story I want to tell each month. These boxes have been hugely popular and my customer base has been growing each month. Since I’ve started offering a wide selection of vintage rings, I hear story after story from people who are building the ring collection of their dreams without losing out. Now, I have customers coming back time and time again to purchase their rings from me. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I believe in knowing the history of your pre-loved jewellery before dropping money on them. There is also no need to feel guilty about buying yourself an item of jewellery - I want my customers to shop sustainably without worrying about the consequences. At Sorrell Jewels, sustainability and being conscious of the environment means making those small decisions that lead to a more sustainable future. It means, using and putting your money into a future and brand that actually cares about the world we live in. When you buy pre-loved or second hand, you are reducing the impact that buying a brand new product would have on the world and our environment. My small business started when my health didn’t allow me to work the conventional 9-5. Just because I’m ill, it doesn’t mean I don’t care about style and expressing myself - and my ever growing ring collection is just one of the ways I do that. Learning to manage my disability and experimenting with my style are just part of my everyday and I’m so grateful this small business allows me to do that.


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