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London, United Kingdom
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The romantically floral world of Sophie Cull-Candy displays a rich mix of colour, textiles and nostalgia. The London-born designer takes much of her inspiration from nature, her city upbringing and her family life in Scotland and the South Downs. Every collection is playful, luxurious and beautifully crafted - with each piece individually handmade in London. The namesake womenswear label was founded in 2014 and has since garnered international press, featuring in the likes of Vogue, Love, Hunger, Elle and Harpers Bazaar. All designs are hand drawn, hand printed and or handmade. SCC has an emphasis on slow fashion with small batch, in-house productions. The label minimises waste in the production process by not mass-producing; instead, we create limited edition pieces and one-offs. The SCC ethos encourages you to shop less and buy better and in doing so, you protect the planet and the traditional skills that go into creating handmade pieces. The Sophie Cull-Candy brand is a one woman operation, made possible by occasional sewing help from her mum, Beep and friend, Laura.


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