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London, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 25 June 2021

We are handmade jewellery founded not too long ago. We wanted to bring colour, summer and happy vibes to everyone wardrobe and with our fun designs, we believe that we will fulfil everyone desires as every piece is made by the founders and made to order as we try to minimize as much as possible waste. In addition, we made every piece from our small studio in Hackney.


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

Solé Studio is a small jewellery brand. All the pieces are handmade by me in my studio in Hackney. Inspired by the classic and fun summer from my childhood, I wanted to create something, jewellery, that would be suitable for everyone and that at the same time it would add some spark, colour... to your wardrobe even when the cold seasons come.

The jewellery is made with freshwater pearls and 14k glod pleated


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