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Sica Limited

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Tunbridge Wells, Kent, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 11 April 2021

A musical female creating small batch hand built ceramic art, paintings and prints. All made slowly with heaps of love, quirk and spice! My pieces are an artistic take on the vices of life. Check out my instagram @sicalimited or website for more. Thank you!


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

Hey, Sica Limited here, a 22 year old songwriter and creative based in London, United Kingdom. After completing a degree in Music Industry Practice, I adopted the persona name 'Sica Limited' to release my music under. You can find me on all socials and music streaming platforms like Spotify under this alias.

As of lockdown 2020 this stage name became much more to me than just a place to present my lofi-hip hop tracks as I began to share the other creative outputs in my life that are equally as important to me. These are my paintings and ceramic art. Although music is a massive part of my life and something I have enjoyed sharing with the world, I have always been introverted when it came to the other forms of art in which I create.

I took a leap however in lockdown and started selling my pieces my website This and all socials (@sicalimited) are a place to bring my paintings, ceramic art and music into one place and yeh I guess that's kind of it. So thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.


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