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Bristol, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 17 June 2021

Hey! ScrunchieGang is an accessories business started in lockdown and inspired by 90's and 00's nostalgia. We design hair pieces based on iconic women from our childhood. Designs are inspired by seminal outfits, films and people for example we had a Clueless collection, and an Alabama from True Romance scrunchie for Valentines day. We use offcuts of fabric wherever possible and make mini scrunchies with any fabric that's left over. We also released a small gold plated hoop line, again touching on our school years when that was our favorite look (still is!) Our hoops have delicate enamel charms and are designed to match your scrunchie - The OhMyDais collection includes mini gold plated daisy hoops and a organza scrunchie with daisy details - perfect for summer. We would absolutely love to be a part of Pop Up Girls! Thank you, Scarlet xx


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