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Cheshire, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 6 October 2021

In an era of rediscovered love for loungewear, our collection captures our vision for an elevated way of relaxation in the home. Timeless luxury, a stylish take on the modern-day tracksuit. 
 We aim to provide a wardrobe full of eco-friendly alternatives to modern-day women who want to look great whilst leaving a lighter footprint on this planet. Our feminine and sleek pieces are timeless and make conscious shopping easier for everyone. Our clothing is designed for the need to take care of our three homes; our body, our earth, our mind. We use organically sourced fabric that has up to 50% less emissions and impact on water resources thereby allowing you to leave a lighter footprint on this planet. When you buy from us, you're supporting the movement to unite our planet and the fashion industry.


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

On a turtle conservation trip in Costa Rica, Olivia saw first-hand the devastating impact humans have on our planet. With this, her interest in sustainability sparked. With further research, she became increasingly baffled and disheartened to learn how the fashion industry adversely affects our oceans and wildlife. After weeks spent running up and down beaches saving turtles, the thought of these innocent creatures later consuming plastics from the fast fashion industry didn't sit well.

As a fashion lover, Olivia couldn't understand how something so artistic could be so harmful. After years of raiding family members' wardrobes, she truly believed that clothing is a way to express ourselves and be authentic. It became clear that we needed more stylish and sustainable options for the fashion-conscious who want to take an eco-friendly step forward. 

So Olivia created SACCO, a brand that consciously creates garments that reduce harmful impacts on this planet. She saw an opportunity for customers to contribute to reef restoration through their purchases. SACCO has partnered with an ocean protection charity to allow customers to see they have not only selected a garment that leaves a lighter footprint on this planet but their purchases actively making a difference.

Olivia set out to find sustainable alternatives for clothing that can help us to look our best whilst doing our best. She quickly became obsessed with hunting down sustainable fabrics and the rest was history.


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