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Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan
Pop Up Girl since 28 February 2021

~~For the playful souls~~ RANKO is a handmade, one of a kind upcycled jewellery and apparel brand that aims to add a hint of joy, color and childlike playfulness in your everyday outfits & lives. For all my pieces, I use thrifted/ recycled/ vintage beads and clothing as main ingredients, to which I add an enormous amount of time, passion, and love to give these materials a well-deserved second life. All my products are shipped in recycled or upcycled packaging as much as possible. INSTA: @jewellerybyranko


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

Hi all! I am Ranko, the creator behind the upcycled jewellery and apparel brand. I am currently based in Tokyo after a 4 year stay in the Netherlands. 

A bit about the story of my brand: the starting point of this project was, besides a strong need for creation, a consciousness for the environment. As a lover of both fashion and the Earth, I wanted to create playful and original items without betraying my customer's and my own ecological consciousness. The fact that our main ingredients are re-used materials means that we not only lower our waste production, but also lower our use of non-ethical/non-environmentally-friendly materials. Whenever possible, we also deliver our products in recycled or upcycled packaging.

Each of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, which means a looot of time and passion are spend on the creation of each product. This does make the creative process longer and difficult, but I honestly love that. Every time I get my hands on new materials, I get so excited thinking about how I can best do justice to their beauty!

~~Please feel free to visit my artwork website if you would like to see more about my work. Love to all~~


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