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Warwick, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 22 August 2021

I currate and collate a mix of second hand, antique and vintage 925 Sterling Silver jewels. I use my platform to promote keeping jewellery in circulation and being sustainable in our jewellery choices. It’s a big passion of mine to take pride in your jewellery and PRIDE wants everyone to feel that too!


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

My name is Jasmine and Pride is my jewellery baby! I started Pride in August of 2021 and have enjoyed a lot of sucsess and support. The support I've recieved from the second hand community is incredible and makes me feel so warm! Pride is all about giving a second lease of life into 'old' jewellery and is focused on keeping items in circulation. I want everyone to feel pride in their acsessories, like we do our clothes.

My Instagram has a lot of stock on it but the Pop Up Girls platform is where I upload some exclusive pieces that only YOU get to see!

Pride jewels is formed by you guys, so let me know what you want to see, what I should source more of and what you like. 


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