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East Sussex, United Kingdom
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Planet Loving Company is a fully sustainable, luxury loungewear company. Our mission is to have zero negative impact on the planet and its people, from processes to products and infrastructure. Our products are designed in the UK and manufactured in Uk and Portugal. We are part of the growing wave of conscious thinkers and style lovers whose only wish it to make it as easy as possible to be a mindful fashion consumer.Versatility and comfort are key to our mission – you can wear PLC around the home, out and about, or, if you are feeling fancy, from bed to bar.


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

The PLC brand was established by The Vampire’s Wife Co-founder Alex Adamson and sustainable activist Tabby Taylor. We are friends from different generations and the same shared vision - to make clothes that allow you to relax, feel good and know you can do so without harming anything or anyone in the process.


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