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Permissive Design

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Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 15 March 2021

A collection of hand-crafted Custom clay boob pots, trinket dishes and nude portraits! I focus on the idea of women reclaiming autonomy over their own bodies- desexualising their form and handing that sexuality back to the owners of each body.


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

Hi! I'm Lucy, and I'm a full-time Undergrad student studying English Language & Linguistics! I've always been into art, but only began making boob pots during the first lockdown and haven't stopped since! My work is bespoke and every piece is unique to each customer. The process is entirely confidential and designed to provide you with personalised artwork that you can display proudly in your home!

I'm very open to new ideas and am very willing to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to drop me a message here or over on instagram!


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