Nikol Penova

Last seen:  2 years ago

Totnes, Devon, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 10 February 2021

П Е Н О В А /pзnova/ is a slow fashion knitwear brand, with each piece designed and hand knitted by Bulgarian creative Nikol Penova in South Devon. Inspired by her home country’s tradition, particularly her grandmother, she has been focused on hand knitting. П Е Н О В А /pзnova/  knitwear is a mix of stitches, colours and yarn textures. Pieces are often seamless, avoiding any unnecessary waste. Every item is one of a kind.


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

With a background in Textiles design and passion of sustainable fashion, Penova uses eco and natural yarns as much as possible such as alpaca, lopi and sheeps wool, or second hand fibres. Wool is fully compostable and renewable. It is also extremely durable so it has the potential to last decades, and can be passed from generation to generation, which makes it a very precious material.

“I think the need to steer away from fast fashion, mass consumption and reducing our waste is clear, and  believe that ethical production with thoughtfully sourced materials is the way forward. I really want to exemplify how knitwear can be an affordable, long lasting part of sustainable fashion. I love the historic nature of the practice; its amazing because of how you can create a piece of clothing out of long spun animal fibres! “- Nikol Penova 


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