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London, London, United Kingdom
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Peju Obasa is a Womenswear designer specialising in knitwear and crochet. The London-born designer takes influence from her vibrant Nigerian roots, which allows her to continually explore old traditions in craftsmanship. Delving into her knitwear background, she revives classic techniques turning them into unexpected pieces. Taking inspiration from her curiosity travels and everything from the food she enjoys to cook to the colourful building facades and decadent textures found all over the world. The namesake womenswear and accessories label is rich in colour and texture, embracing printing /dyeing and tenacious knitting techniques to create innovative pieces. At the core of the brand is a conscious attitude towards sustainability and exploring materiality. The latest collection of crocheted bags centres around half moon-shaped belt bags finished with sporty straps and side-release buckles, made from recycled textiles. Coming in a range of vibrant shades from neon to pastel, this line fuses handicraft work with street-wear appeal each bag starting from a strand of yarn and ending with a beautiful handmade piece.


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