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East Lothian, United Kingdom
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I started making pj pants (with pockets!) for my friends and family during the first lockdown (anything not to have to make 463 meals a day for my four children) and quickly realised that there was a demand for comfortable and stylish 'Zoomwear' - as who is actually getting dressed these days? I put out an advert on a local Facebook group to see if there was anyone who would help me sew them and was swamped with applications from women who had been hit hard financially by the fall out of the pandemic. Many of them have had to turn to their hobby for a new source of income. Now there are 9 of us cutting and sewing the pj pants and shorts here in East Lothian, east of Edinburgh. The fabric is natural cotton, hand printed with vegetable dyes in India. I buy very small amounts of each design, so there are very small runs of pjs in each fabric. Often only one or two in each size. This way I get to feed my insatiable fabric buying addiction, the team gets lots of lovely new fabric to work with each week, and the customers always have something new to choose from. Nothing goes to waste, there are two members of the team who make all sorts of gifts and accessories out of the off cuts and remnants. Anything that is too small to use gets bagged up and donated to local charities who can sell them by weight. All packaging is either recycled or recyclable. No plastic sticky tape!


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