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My Ivory Room

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Brentford, Middlesex, United Kingdom
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My Ivory Room is a one-woman brand making handmade sustainable crochet cardigans, sweaters and accessories. I started crocheting almost five years ago because I wanted to make small gifts for my wedding guests. I made a set of three coasters to go with the classic Italian coffee machine. When I moved to London from Italy I struggled to find a job in this competitive big city. I had just finished university and came here with no experience whatsoever and I didn't know where to start. I began to feel depressed, suffered from anxiety and lost my confidence, but crochet helped me a lot during this hard time. It was an escape room for my thoughts and, during this lockdown, I decided I wanted to make it something more than a hobby. I started my small business creating cardigans but I also wanted to be as much environmental friendly as possible so I spent a lot of time researching high-quality materials such as wool and vegan yarns. The wool production process is fundamental to me and the companies from which I buy supplies have a clear non-museling production process which ensures the animals are safe. They use non-toxic dyeing process and ensure the fair payment and the lifestyle quality of the communities involved in the production process. Every cardigan is made to order to avoid waste and to allow every customer to have a bespoke item to love. From leftover yarn, I also create small accessories such as collars and beanies. Every piece is made with the utmost care and love to deliver a unique item which is going to last.


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