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Redford, Michigan, United States
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Greetings from Mooju! I’m Madison, and I run Mooju Rugs: a colorful, groovy, psychedelic world where hand tufted rugs and mirrors live! In the world of Mooju, all creatures are welcome and encouraged to be their colorful selves. As an avid roller skater, the original idea for Mooju came from me wanting to create a rug to match my roller-skate “setup” which I started doing customs for on Etsy that sold out! From there it slowly evolved in to me expressing my personal, groovy, 70’s-inspired style into the rest of my rug designs after I realized there were no “groovy” rugs on the market that I liked and wanted to put in my own home. The only solution was for me to make my own! Right now, our bestsellers are flower power fluffy mirrors that come in a wide range of colors and styles including stripes, rainbow, cow print, and a psychedelic print! We are also most known for our psychedelic floor rugs (that come in rectangle and oval shapes) which are handmade pieces that bring you on a “trip” in your own home. I love being able to bring color and 70s era designs in to people’s homes, and combine my professional skills as a photographer and designer in to the brand! I have been following Pop Up Girls on my personal account for awhile now and have found so many amazing artists on the page, and would love to be a part of your awesome community! Feel free to check out the instagram @moojurugs for a look at all of our fun rug designs!


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