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London, London, United Kingdom
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Hi I’m Marni, I run M.Jewellery from my workbench in London. Specialising in designing and hand-making jewellery. I’ve always had a love for jewellery and after working at a high street jewellers I realised there was never anything different, it was always generic. I begun a part time course at Birmingham School of Jewellery and learnt the basics then self taught myself after that. M.Jewellery began in 2019 with me making my own collections. Everything is sterling silver and I try to use recycled silver where possible - even creating a collection that meant I could get rid of my scrap pile. Most of my products are made to order with a 1-2 week waiting time to minimise waste. You’ll notice that nearly all of my earrings are odd pairings. My main collection is the Pick ‘n’ Mix, where you can mix and match single earrings to create your perfect pair! I want my jewellery to be worn everyday. To spice up a boring outfit and make you feel wicked. The thought of people wearing M.jewellery as a way of expressing themselves is amazing, and I love it!


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