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Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom
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I explore all different types of textile techniques and processes. My main niche is producing tufted rugs.Having an interest in the natural world has progressed me to using an unusual technique to inspire and drive my work. I have a microscope at home where I grow flowers, plants and moulds. These are then placed under the lens of the microscope- I can not express to you the beautiful images that I have gathered from using this process. I have created an endless amount of textile samples and finished pieces which are cell related. However, I have been creating tufted rugs throughout lockdown which highlight worldwide issues that have had an outburst on social media platforms. Black Lives Matter an expression of a poignant event of 2020. In 2021 I released a tufted bag collection which sold out! I am now in the process of creating my next tufted bag launch which will be out at the start of March, followed by a tufted interiors launch.


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