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Made to Order Sustainable Packaging Handmade Customisable Top Pop Up Girl
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East Sussex, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 14 November 2020

About me/Megan Faith Makes: This venture began during Lockdown 1.0 when I started knitting socks for friends and family as a means to pass the time. I posted a few pairs up on Instagram and they gained some interest so I put my mind to more things that I could make. I taught myself to crochet using YouTube videos, and pretty quickly I developed an obsession with making clothes and accessories. I believe in fashion sustainability and the importance of shopping small. Each piece I make is crafted slowly and with love, in my sitting room in Brighton. Having become much more aware of the impact of fast fashion on people and our planet, I have made a commitment to shop small; buying second hand, vintage and handmade clothes. This is a journey and of course there are some things you have to buy new! However it means I have started to buy less, treasure the things I do buy and get more creative with the way I dress. I love experimenting with colours and am currently heavily inspired by 1970’s crochet styles. I am working on making stock in all sizes, as I want anyone and everyone to be able to enjoy my brand. If you see something you love on my page, but would like it in a different colour or size, please feel free to give me a direct message me on Instagram.


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