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Mask Yo Face

Sustainable Packaging Handmade Keyboard Queen V-Day Pop-Up
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London, London, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 12 November 2020

Mask Yo Face aims to provide a stylish and sustainable solution to single-use face masks. Made from 100% cotton or silk, are face masks are two-layered, supplying a safe alternative. GIVE SINGLE USE FACE MASKS THE MIDDLE FINGER! From the beginning of our launch in May 2020, we have supported numerous charities, such as the NHS Royal Free Hospital, supporting the fight against Covid-19; The Minnesota Freedom Fund and the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, both assisting the Black Lives Matter Movement; GIRES, providing assistance and research for LGBTQ+ folks and MIND: for better mental health, raising over £700 in total. Since launching in May, we have expanded our products from masks to scrunchies, headbands and bespoke tops, all of which are handmade. Exclusively for THE POP UP GIRLS, we will be selling our ‘Rose Water’ 100% cotton and the ‘Magic Garden’ 100% silk print, available in both face masks and scrunchies.


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