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Bonjour! My name is Lucie, I am French and live in London. I've recently launched Maison Spoon, a brand up-cycling pre-loved vintage spoons with flower details, by engraving them with cheeky and/or personalised words. I am on a mission to make our grandmas' silver-plated spoons trendy again :) I thought I'd introduce myself to tell you more about my business as they're very much linked together. Some of my passions in life include: - flowers (I get one or two fresh bouquets every week) - eating (somebody said cake?) - innuendos (or play on words, whatever they are called as long as they make you smile) - and of course rummaging through vintage & flea markets, where I find all those little pre-loved beauties and treasures) And just like that, Maison Spoon was born! My spoons are unique for their delicate flower handles, and they can be personalised with any message customers want. My favourites are the cheeky and cheesy messages (who knew you could make so many jokes about spoons). The ones engraved with the C word (ohlala) have been the most popular ones in the last two markets I sold them in, but as long as they are gifted with love, that makes me happy!


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