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Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Pop Up Girl since 5 April 2021

Every evening, I wander through my neighbourhood, peering up at countless windows into countless homes. Over time I have begun to see that most of us are living under harsh, inhospitable lighting conditions. Even late at night, our homes are constantly steeped in the most unnatural, mass-produced shade of white. I know that cosy lighting is a vital part of a comfortable home. My solution is to take home lighting into my own hands with LouLighting, my own range of hand-built lamps for homes. My mission is to transform ordinary rooms into warm, welcoming spaces - with just a flick of a switch. I never build the same lamp twice. Every design is one result among endless possibilities of combining materials, shapes and colours. Naturally, the versatility of a design is just as crucial as its aesthetic quality, which is why each lamp has a timeless touch of Bauhaus-inspired minimalism. Whether in your bedroom, your studio or your shop window, a LouLighting lamp fills every corner of the room with its personality.


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Hello I am Ido, young creative looking forward to create things and inspire people.


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