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Pop Up Girl since 19 June 2021

My name is Olivia, which is where the “Liv” in liv your life comes from. I am 16 years old and started my small business last summer when I created simple less bold jewellery. Now I create fun and bold pieces to express my emotion and make them stand out. All of my jewellery and packaging is plastic free and ethically made by me.


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

Hi there! 
my name is Olivia and I'm 16 years old, "Liv Your Life" is a reminder to live your life and no one else's and "liv" is my nickname from Olivia.

 I create fun and expressive jewellery while being conscious of our environment. I started to experiment with jewellery making in August 2020 but have only recently found what my style is which I am able to express myself more and really have fun! My aim is to create pieces that people (you) will love wearing and feel confident wearing!


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