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London, London, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 17 November 2020

Unique, hand-painted homeware and gifts to lift your mood, brighten your home and bring a little magic to the everyday.


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

Hi! I’m Laura - a designer and dreamer who loves the quirks, charms and beautiful imperfections that come from something handmade. In 2013, I pursued my passion to start a line of handmade homeware and gifts, and today my work spans multiple disciplines. From lino prints to ceramics, each piece captures a little bit of my signature style. Thoughtfully designed and hand-painted by me, my mission is to create beautiful pieces of art that bring decorative charm and a little bit of magic to character-filled homes.

The way my pieces are made - with care, craft and creativity - is just as important to me as the final product. I love hand-sketching the designs for my ceramic pieces until they’re just right. I love the hours spent carving wooden blocks to make my lino prints just as much as I love the finished outcome. The nature of the process means each finished piece is an original. There’s a special kind of beauty that comes from something handmade; a magic to be found in knowing it’s entirely unique. From the variations in the ink on my lino prints, to each brush stroke on my hand-painted ceramics - every creation is one-of-a-kind, and my work celebrates the perfectly imperfect.

From the moon, sun and stars, to tattoos and tarot - I’m inspired by all things magical and meaningful. I love to combine bold design and beautiful symbolism, with elegant silhouettes and delicate ceramics to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces that can be treasured for years to come.Whether it’s the memory of a special day, or a reminder of friendship, family, romance or adventure - the things you surround yourself with tell a story, and I love that my pieces become a part of yours.


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