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Hi Guys, I hope you’re well! I am a huge fan of what you guys do and the collective of unique designers that you support. I wanted to introduce my jewellery brand to you Kitty Joyas, launched in Spain (2018). Now based in London, we create handcrafted statement jewellery designed & made in the UK. All our collections are eco-conscious, using recycled metals and traditional techniques supporting local craftsmen. We also offer a bespoke service where I personally work alongside clients, bringing their jewellery dreams to life. I initially trained in Barcelona working amongst the local artisans for two years, which was such an inspiring way to learn. This influenced my Signature collection of earrings & distinctive style of making. I then went to study for a post-masters degree in the UK where I honed in on my manufacturing skills & learnt new techniques. Since then, I have watched my brand organically grow and it’s a complete joy to be pursuing something that I absolutely adore. It would be amazing to collaborate with you guys! I feel we could be a great addition to your platform being a female-founded and predominantly female-led brand! Look forward to hearing from you soon. Best wishes, Kitty


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