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K R A Y V N was created in the midst of 2020-21 largely influenced by recent events in the world. Our ethos is to release small seasonless collections that are unique in their designs and are made to order to help to minimise our waste as much as possible! K R A Y V N has a strong aesthetic for big silhouettes and textures, with a dreamy-like feel that are playfully wrapped in fine sophistication. The historic era influences in fashion paired with contemporary designers and creative pattern cutting mixed with innovative fabric manipulations - is what makes us tick. The products are all designed, sewn and cut in-house by me, Katerina Vassiljeva. The fabrics used in our products can sometimes be highly limited as they are sourced from dead stock combined with vintage materials - and are therefore one of a kind! This currently means we are restricted in size variety - we are working on making all sizes available in your chosen design in the future! All our fabrics are sourced from UK and Europe - we firmly believe in supporting small businesses and doing our part in taking care of the planet.


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