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Imperial Wharf, Fulham, United Kingdom
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Isla Risa is about art. Born during the CoronaVirus lockdown when we, as a global community, were starved of beauty and cultural experiences, Isla Risa believes that art shouldn’t just be hung up in galleries but should be worn, loved and shown off for all to see. Isla Risa is about joy. Literally translating to Island of Laughter, Isla Risa brings happiness to those who wear her. Whether it’s the pop of colour against an autumnal outfit or the soft touch of satin as you put your phone away, the bags are a joy to behold and to wear. Isla Risa is about form. Inspired by sculpture and architecture, Isla Risa offers unique pieces that don’t look like anything else out there. Innovative design and a love of manipulating materials combine to make hand made products that stand the test of time.


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