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HAIRY MARY is handmade clothing company. Everything is handmade, mainly to order (although there are some Ready-to-Buy pieces), by me in London, currently mainly from VINTAGE TABLECLOTHS or old curtains.... But, it all began with bows for the hair, hence the HAIRY part of MARY, and no my name is not Mary but I do like rhymes. Hairy Mary was founded by me, Rosie Barton, in May 2021 a few months after my mother died from breast cancer. She gave me my love for sewing and so each piece is hand embroidered with boobs on the cuff or pocket and 10% of every purchase is donated to the Maggie’s Centre in Oxford which provided free information and invaluable support to her, and to our family, both during her treatment and after her death. The Hairy Mary designs are reminiscent of some of the clothing my Mum would dress me and my three older sisters in, ideally all matching, even better if the fabric looked like it was an old curtain, cherry on the cake if she’d made the outfits herself. Cues come from Tinkers Trousers, Laura Ashley and, of course, The Von Trapp Family Singers, with a sprinkling of the Edwardian and/or Shakespearean and a leaning towards Celtic, Eastern European and Scandinavian Folky garb... Anything goes really, but fundamentally, clothing should be merry; it should be both memorable and able to evoke memories and ideally, it should be fancy pants AF.


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