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Windermere, Cumbria, United Kingdom
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Furrow is an experimental jewellery and accessories brand founded and created by Canadian artist and designer Midori Fullerton. We are inspired by an open understanding and idea of what it means to make a mark, both as a physical and impressionable act - encouraging individuals to explore unique ways of expressing themselves and their multifaceted characters within their every day lives. Our products range from printed silk scarves and hand beaded bags to collections of jewellery exploring playful glass bead weaving motifs and mixed medium pieces. Many of our designs take inspiration from the natural world and environment around us. Our items are exclusively designed and handmade to order with a small selection of our products being one of a kind, small batch readymade. We take value in supporting and sourcing our materials from other small businesses, as well as choosing products that prevent waste and look after the planet where possible - for example our resin pieces are made up of materials that would otherwise enter landfills, creating beautiful pieces whilst preventing waste. It is with this mindful approach to making we create a more sustainable and eco friendly footprint. Furrow works around an awareness of how art, craft and design can come together on a more accessible level to be planted into the day-to-day grooves of real people’s real lives, through at times equally bold, yet nuanced expressions. We believe each individual is an honest extension of the label, whereby they can reflect their own personal style alongside the fluorescence of Furrow. We hope to provide solutions and inspirations in the small joys around us that can come to uplift and enhance individual moments and experiences.


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