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Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom
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Fluff originated in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2017 and was created by me, Han! Everything is created and designed by me and a team of small female ran businesses who laser cut my designs. I am conscious of the damage plastic has on the world, but have found acrylic to be the best and most cost efficient for me whilst being a student. Our packaging is 100% sustainable and either recycled or recyclable and most importantly bought locally! All free gifts (mini prints, stickers and sweets) are vegan and recyclable. We produce things in small batches to do our bit to disassociate the fashion and jewellery industry with toxic fast fashion practises. We specialise in the groovy and nostalgic, with alot of my favourite designs being inspired by cartoons I loved as a kid (and still love) to classic 60s styles that I also have grown up loving!


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