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London, London, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 15 February 2021

Flilo makes hand-sculpted rings with no two ever the same. They are designed as a reminder to have fun and not to take life too seriously, with nostalgic reminders of our youth. They are a fine balance of playful and subtle to compliment any outfit and despite the mould-like smooth curves the rings retain the individuality of the maker’s hands. The shapes are enigmatic and designed to leave interpretation down to the wearer - but above all they should be fun.


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

Flilo garb sell handmade rings. They are unique pieces made to adorn your fingers. Before purchase go to 'Ask A Question" and leave a message with your desired size. We make to S/M/L average sizes that are on instant buy, or you can send us your exact ring size to make sure a perfect fit. 

They have long lasting durability, made from a robust and water proof material. Despite this they do not like to get water in their eyes so best to avoid. Take them everywhere you go- the more you wear the more they buff!  As crazy as it seems they become like a little pet. 




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