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London, London, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 15 August 2021

With our designs, carry a little bit of FAB everywhere you go. At FAB by nature, we pride ourselves on having as little negative environmental impact as possible. We know there are so many ‘environmental’ buzzwords used in the fashion industry nowadays but being sustainable, eco-friendly and sourcing ethical products is part of our core values. All of our designs are inspired by the natural world; we want to cultivate a respect and appreciation for nature and which is why, as a brand, we work hard to protect our environment too. It is the responsibility of both the consumer and producer to help reduce the fashion industry’s environmental footprint. At an affordable price point we want to make ethical and sustainable products accessible to a wider audience. At each stage of the design process, FAB carefully evaluates the various factors and works to find solutions that fit our ecological values. This includes the evaluation of materials and the working environments of our suppliers.


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

I'm Francesca and I am the founder of FAB by nature.

Growing up, our family home was filled with flowers; our house was adjacent to the famous Columbia Road Flower Market. When I moved to university, I longed for the beauty of the flowers that I used to be surrounded by. During lockdown, I would spend my evenings sketching flowers and other natural elements to remind me of home.

FAB was initially born from some lockdown sketches that were meant to brighten up our Bristolian student flat. Our name is derived from my initials F-A-B and our eco-friendly ethos, we are quite literally FAB by name...FAB by nature.


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