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London, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 19 July 2021

Joy and Yinuo co-founded the independent brand called EX CITIZN based in London & Shanghai. EX CITIZN is a contemporary unisex wear brand for young people that started in London, England. It focuses on the minimalist and avant-garde design in the future, combined with the texture that pays attention to details. The theme of the EX CITIZN SS2021 spring and summer series is 「NEXT ERA」. It will lead you to land on the EX PLANET we created and begin to explore the brand new 3D digital lifestyle as an EX CITIZN, bringing you a connection between the future and past with the new fashion experience. In the preparation time of the past year, EX CITIZN has truly achieved the sustainable development of fashion from the initial design to the final production, using computer 3D patterning and digital sample preparation throughout the process. In that way, we are eliminating the waste of the pattern-making paper and the fabric for sampling. We brought all 3D virtual garments from the computer to real life with precision. EX CITIZN SS2021 chooses dark night black, cold moon white, silver-gray, and ice moon blue, together with the unique 「WHISKY SMOKE」 digital print of every item, creating a focus on linear and clean aesthetic design for both men and women. All products have been manufactured in Shanghai, and we have stock for every item in London. We are also ready to ship worldwide.


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