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Perth, Scotland, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 29 March 2021

Ecstaski started off as a word to describe the sense of exhilaration I felt when skiing. The mountains became my safe space, away from society, stress and everyday life. Our mission is to get everyone outside exploring, helping you improve your overall mental wellbeing. There is no other joy in the world than the joy you feel on a snow day or reaching the mountains summit. Ecstaski is a bright and uplifting clothing brand that represents the ideology of losing yourself in the mountains. Whether it’s bombing down a race track, dropping into a half pipe or having a drink with your friends at Après we all need to get out and experience the positive side of life and nature. For people who want to live in a constant state of Ecstaski 24/7”. Getting lost in the mountains since 2018.


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

Hi I'm Jemima and I'm behind Ecstaski Clothing. I design and make colourful apline inspired clothing to help get people out exploring the mountains. I started getting more active outside to try to improve my mental welbeing. I found that through skiing I was able to drastically better my health as well as joining a upbeat and amazing community of female adventurists. Instead of your activewear being plain and boring add a pop of retro colour and I will promise it will improve your mood. 


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