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Delphi Eva Design was founded in North London in April 2020. Originally from Leamington Spa in the midlands, I am currently a one-woman operation running my own bespoke womenswear label. I create everything, from the design and pattern cutting, to the garment construction, right through to making sure the packaging is beautifully presented and sent off to the customer. I select my fabrics from dead-stock factories, charity shops and markets in London, meaning there is a limited quantity able to be produced of every piece-making your purchase even more special. I use vintage 1960’s and 1970’s patterns which I have loved and saved since I was a little girl, always giving every pattern a unique Delphi Eva modern twist. Since I was little I have always wanted my own brand and have always been interested in up-cycling clothes from charity shops, car boots, vintage stalls, auctions, rag markets and warehouses in the search to find or create something no one else will have. I’m obsessed with the effortless silhouette and style of french film stars in the 1960’s, such as Jane Birkin in La Piscine 1969 and Catherine Deneuve in Belle De Jour 1967 - combined, they create the ultimate muse for my designs.


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