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London, London, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 21 April 2021

@chillichainz was conceived to bring the joy of beaded jewellery into our everyday lives, through the creation of beaded sunglass chains, mask chains and general beaded jewels! Each chain is lovingly handmade in Islington and completely unique to the commission! I incorporate glasswork chillis into all my pieces, and occasionally the odd watermelon and cherry when the moment strikes!


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

Hi, my name's Bella and I make beaded jewellery, otherwise known as @chilli_chainz! 

chillichainz started last year whilst I was put on furlough and I rediscovered my love for creating colourful pieces of functional jewellery. Each piece is handmade in Islington and can be commisioned to your own colour preference and dangling fruit!


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