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London, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 27 April 2022

Fun, Quirky, Bright, Colourful, Glittery. All of these words best describe my products. All my pieces are designed to be conversation starters, to dazzle people as you walk down the street and quite frankly - to make you feel like the bomb!


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

By Heather Filby is a one woman brand focusing on Statement Earrings, Hair Clips and Accessories.

My passion for anything bright, anything glittery and anything generally pretty (yes, I’m a magpie) this came alive with resin. The bigger, the sparklier, the BETTER.

Everything you see is made by me in my half studio/half living room in Crystal Palace. I am an independent, British brand trying to bring some new spice to an ever-growing fashion accessory revolution. My pieces aim to lift your mood through glitter, vibrant colour and boldness. They give me immense happiness when I’m creating them, so I hope this transpires to you. 

​If you would like to keep up with behind the scenes, how I make my earrings and to get to know me a little bit more, please follow me on instagram @byheatherfilby


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