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Mount Vernon, Ohio, United States
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✿ :*:・·*˚༓ ༓·*˚・:*:・゚✿ ~・゚ beadled by risik ・゚~ Beadlejuice is inspired by my childhood nightmares and glitter vomit fantasies. Beads and toys and jewelry and resin are all my happy place. Juice is fashion for freaks, jewelry for the weirdos, unique one of a kind pieces for everyday creeps. In every Juice I use old chains, toys, beads, jewels, as well as sourced materials. Some of what I use I’ve held onto for over a decade. Materials are also sourced at local thrift stores and Etsy shops. Every effort is made to avoid buying new, however sometimes this is unavoidable. I also sell larger resin cast art pieces called "smoothies" - ashtrays, trinket trays, whatever you want (just don't eat out of them) I come up with a theme or a concept (examples: Oreo, Fairy House, Ocean) and then you create the magical world that lives inside your smoothie...powered by imagination and creativity ^_^


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