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Hey There, I hope you're well and having a lovely Sunday. My name is Claudine and I am the founder of Bahay. I launched the UK based Lifestore during the first world-wide lockdown of 2020 as a collection of musings, a mood-board of inspiration & a space for creativity. Bahay means house or home which is quite fitting as a lot of time has been spent at home really honing into my roots and learning more about Filipino culture which is in the heart of all things Bahay. The aesthetic is a playful combination of vintage island summers & modern city style which is a true representation of the Philippine archipelago. All the pieces that I have produced are made in a sustainable way whether it be prints on recycled paper, plant-based candles or jewellery made up of only natural elements. Each piece is unique and only available in limited quantities with the exception of candles that can be restocked and aren't exclusive (unless possible). Everything is inspired by the Philippines; from naming the products after food to different places. And at Bahay I like to educate too, when I introduce or post about a product, I like to give a little back story why it’s named that way. Ideally through Bahay, I’d love to teach people more about the Philippines as I feel like there isn’t much representation out there and I want to share a part of myself and a culture I grew up with. Bahay is also a teeny tiny passion project with big dreams of doing better. I have pledged to donate at least 1% of the annual profits to take care of people in need who share this planet we call home. I also like to take part in fundraising giveaways where I collaborate with different brands to raise money for people that have recently been heavily affected by the pandemic or natural calamities. I love that you provide a safe and empowering space for all the small businesses which is why I would absolutely love to be a part of this supportive & creative community. Looking forward to hear back, have a great day, x Claudine


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