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Your neighbourhood gold shop, but online. Bringing together big brash jewels and fine pieces without distinction between those one-day-they'll-be-mine aspirational pieces, to what you can afford right now. With a Northern upbringing wearing jewellery box hand me downs, AURUM.Ldn offers timeless tradition with new production pieces, pre-loved beauties and custom work that you can eventually pass on. Gold is something that holds worth commercially and sentimentally. For us it’s all about slow fashion and forever pieces. Gold has a limited global supply with an increasing demand. We may soon find ourselves in a world where mining may not be economically or sustainably feasible. It is now more important than ever to facilitate the recycling of gold. We take scrap gold on our website in exchange for an AURUM.Ldn credit voucher to help you get to get that piece you've been eyeing up. Pre-loved: ok, this may mean the piece is second hand, but we prefer to call it pre-loved Carefully selected one-of-a-kind pieces which have been cleaned and polished to bring life back to old gold. The item may show slight sings of age related wear, but look at it as it showing its history. Just think who else might have worn the piece and what they did wearing it... We also offer real gold ear piercing at affordable prices and some gifting pieces for when jewellery isn't quite right


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