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ArA conceives dressing as a cultural phenomenon exploring textures and cultures from people of different ages, backgrounds, cultures, and sexual identities. ArA aims to became a circular brand where nothing get destroyed but everything is constantly transformed. The circle starts at the very outset of the design process. Sustainability is not a a landing platform but a journey. ArA collections are made of organic, deadstock and recycled materials, Every piece is fairly made in Europe and in the UK. ArA designs durable garments, that do not rely on trends, so the customer could be wearing timeless outfits, outstanding pieces one season after the others. ArA is concerned about creating a long term relationship with her costumers, evaluating more than anything the quality, limiting as much as possible waste and pollution involved in the design process. ArA believes that fashion is an unprescendible part our cities, and cities are where most of the references and inspirations come from. ArA uplifts and empower people of every size, body type and background.


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