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Gillingham, Kent, United Kingdom
Pop Up Girl since 15 June 2021

Amitxus is a brand created to explore childhood nostalgia. Every piece is created as a meaningful totemic object inspired by experience and memory influenced by kawaii culture. Every piece is soft and colourful to connect you with your inner child. Throughout the process of growing up life becomes more grey as the bright colours from our favourite toys and cartoons disappear from our memories. Every piece is designed to be loved and cared for. These characters become your little friends when you wear them and support you through the rough adult days.


Meet The Pop Up Girl!

Hello!! :)

I'm Naia, the person behind Amitxus. I'm a Silversmithing, Goldsmithing and Jewellery Design graduate from UCA Rochester. Although I studied jewellery design, my passion for illustration pushed me to start Amitxus.

I moved from Spain to the UK when I was 16 so a way to keep myself connected with my country was through childhood memories. All of the anime and cartoons that I watched as a kid influenced my illustration style which later influenced my accessories design.

I want to create accessories that evoke a happy and warm feeling and hopefully will make your day brighter!


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