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Madrid, Madrid, Spain
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For us, garments have a soul and spirit, and contain the experiences of the people who have worn them in the past. We believe that second hand garments are more valuable than new ones and that is why we have made it our mission to give all discarded garments a second chance. When a garment comes to us we pamper it, fix it and redesign it with a lot of love and dedication. We merge them with other garments or other sustainable materials as if it were a hug, so that they are never alone again. Thanks to this design philosophy our garments are full of stories and when you wear them it seems that both the stories and their fabrics wrap you in a warm embrace. Each of our garments is unique, just like you and me, and we produce them one by one in our small workshop in the heart of Madrid since 2016. We try to make every step of the re-creation as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, to make this planet a better place for everyone.


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