THE POP UP GIRLS take an end-to-end approach to authentication.

We assess all listings before they hit the feed. Using a combination of human and machine moderation, we ensure everything you buy is legit.

Look for an authenticated identifier where you need it most


Digitally Authenticated

Items reviewed by our expert moderators and determined to be authentic.

Digital Authentication

Human moderators are the driving force behind our digital authentication strategy. We review all risky listings before they hit the feed.

Digital authentication helps both buyers and sellers

For buyers, digital authentication provides assurance that the item you’re buying is legit. Our data shows our digital authentication is comparable to physical authentication and saves you money in fees, not to mention time and environmental peace of mind. No item needs to be shipped twice.

For sellers, we did the math - listings that have been digitally authenticated are a lot more likely to sell, and they sell faster. The extra work you put in to get your listing authenticated is going to be worth it ????.

Digital moderators have the experience and skills to spot fakes. What do they look for when reviewing a listing?

Our moderators have the experience and skills to spot fakes. They examine:

  • An item’s design characteristics, craftsmanship and detailing.
  • Authenticity indicators such as wash tags, logo size, shape and embroidery.
  • Accuracy of item name and description.

Our listing process is set up for success

While all sellers are strongly encouraged to provide a full range of detailed photographs, risky items are required to have photos with authenticity indicators in order to be published. All high-risk items require digital authentication before going live.

To keep digital authentication running smoothly, we’ve implemented content requirements into the listing process. These requirements vary based on brand/category to make sure our moderators have all the information they need to review with accuracy and speed.

​​How is a high-risk item determined?

We use use an extensive database on fraudulent items to continuously develop machine-learning strategies that improve our risk-scoring process—and simultaneously monitor the platform suspicious content and unusual activity. We’re also pro-actively monitoring new releases and upcoming brands to ensure we have the right coverage over new trends (yes, that means we go to some dark, dark places on the internet so you don’t have to).

The potential risk of an item is calculated based on various factors, including:

  • How susceptible the brand or style is to being replicated.
  • How a listing is priced in comparison to its value.
  • Recent changes to an account such as updated emails or bank accounts.
  • How recently a user joined the platform and their track-record on Grailed.
  • How valuable the item is.

Listings deemed not authentic are permanently deleted.

At THE POP UP GIRLS, trust comes first. Members who abuse the best interest of our community are warned and then permanently frozen.

Community Lookout

Come across a listing with suspicious characteristics? Suspect an inauthentic item? Just click the “Report Listing” button on the listing page to notify our moderation team. We take every tip seriously, and review them within 12 hours.